Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu came to Wenling to conduct research and guide food safety work

2018/03/15 14:05

On the 23rd of March, Vice Governor of the Provincial Government Zhu Congjiu, Director of the Provincial Food Safety Office and Director of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration Zhu Zhiquan, Deputy Director of the Provincial Food Safety Office and Deputy Director of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration Lu Yongfu came to Wenling to survey and guide food safety work. Deputy Mayor of Taizhou City Government Zhao Yuejin, Director of the Food Safety Office of Taizhou City, Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Dai Guofu, Deputy Director of the Taizhou Food Safety Office Lu Zhida, Secretary of the Wenling City Party Committee Xu Xiao, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Wenling Xu Renbiao, Director of the Wenling Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Tong Qingbo and other leaders accompanied.

Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu and his party inspected Wenling Fanrong Special Eco-Aquaculture Farm, Zhejiang Songmen Aquatic Products Wholesale Market, and Taizhou Tianhe Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., and inspected the operation of aquatic product quality and safety traceability systems, the safety management of aquatic input products, safety management of aquatic product raw materials, food safety quality control, and other enterprise food safety management issues on field.

Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu and Director Zhu Zhiquan also visited the normalization work of the food safety office of Songmen Township on the spot and detailedly learned about the construction, operation and management of grassroots responsibility food safety networks.

Subsequently, a food safety work conference was held. Vice Governor Zhu Congjiu carefully listened to the work reports of Vice Mayor of Taizhou Zhao Yuejin, and Secretary of Wenling Municipal Party Committee Xu Miao, and fully affirmed the effectiveness and experience of food safety work in Wenling City and even Taizhou City.

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