Self-acceptance of the Annual 11,000-ton Oceanic Aquatic Instant Products Technological Improvement Project of Zhejiang Tianhe A

2018/03/15 14:07
On September 25, 2017, the conference on the completion acceptance of the annual 11,000-ton oceanic aquatic instant products technological improvement project environmentally-friendly facilities of Zhejiang Tianhe Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. was held in the factory on the south side of Songsheng Road, Southeast Industrial Zone, Songmen Town, Wenling. The units participating in the conference include the construction unit Zhejiang Tianhe Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., the engineering unit Hangzhou Zhicheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the wastewater treatment facility operation and maintenance unit Wenling Dongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and the testing unit Taizhou Lvan Detection Technology Co., Ltd. as well as three experts invited (see the name list for details)。
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